Initial Examination

Visit here to learn more about your first visit to RHC. Follow-up visits are $50 each. Payment and treatment plans available. 

Cold Laser Therapy

Acute and Chronic Pain Treatment

This therapy is used to speed healing to injuries including tendonitis, numbness, tingling, bursitis.


Exercise Therapy

Functional Movement Rehabilitation

This therapy includes analyzing and improving movements and rehabilitation movement deficiencies and weaknesses that contribute to chronic pain and repetitive injuries.


and NAET

New Patients


Health Investment

Soft Tissue/

Fascia Release

Health Investment




Functional nutrition is a method that optimizes health by focusing on an individual's digestion, toxins, genetics, hormones, lifestyle, stressors, diet, and dietary behavior. 

DOT Physical/

CDL Physical

Includes urine drug testing

The health investments listed above reflect March 2021 price updates.

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