New Practice Members


“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.”

— Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

"My journey began on July 11 of this year. I came to see Dr.Payne mainly for my trigger fingers, however I also had other issues I wanted to get corrected. In the little time that I have been seeing Dr. Payne I have noticed a significant difference in my walking and standing. I used to walk like a duck and slouch but now I am walking much straighter and no longer walking like a duck. As for my trigger fingers, there has been lots of improvement. Prior to seeing Dr. Payne, I was unable to bend my fingers completely but after my visit on August 20, 2020 I can happily say that I can bend all my fingers with no pain. Still having a little trouble with one but I have faith in Dr. Payne that I will soon be able to bend them all with no issues.  I have also noticed a change in my attitude. I feel more confident, relaxed, and happier. Thank you, Dr. Payne for all your help."  Veronica S. 

Complete Intake Forms

Welcome and Office Tour

Wellness Breakthrough Consultation and Examination

Extended Consultation and Report of Findings

Step 1:

Ana will email you intake forms  once you have scheduled an appointment for our Wellness Breakthrough Consultation. Complete the practice member new patient forms so we can get to know you better. The intake forms will provide information on your health history, your vision of health, and a metabolic assessment. We will use this information to create your customized care instructions. 


Step 2:

When you arrive to our office, we want you to feel right at home. Dr. Payne will give you a brief tour of RHWC to introduce you to our staff and to also explain the center's treatment methods. During the tour, you will gain a better understanding of our state-of-the-art equipment and how it is used with our specific, precise treatment methods.


Step 3:

On your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Payne to review your health history to create YOUR VISION of ideal living.

If you wish to proceed with the examination to discover the CAUSE of your chronic pain, she will begin your health assessment process. If you are a chiropractic candidate, the assessment process will include a digital thermal scan of your spine, an EMG (electromyographic scan) of your neck and back, a digital 3D posture scan, and a digital foot scan (to see if your feet are also contributing to your musculoskeletal discomfort). She will also complete a 3D range of motion and functional movement assessment. No radiation is produced with these scans.

If applicable, you will receive a therapeutic treatment at the end of your first visit to begin reducing inflammation and pain in your chief area of complaint. This therapeutic treatment may consist of ultrasound therapy (to reduce inflammation and soften muscular scar tissue), cold laser therapy (to speed healing), spinal decompression (to reduce pressure in muscles, ligaments, discs), and/or moist heat therapy.

In some cases, going immediately into chiropractic care is not warranted. A functional nutrition metabolic assessment may be performed if we suspect that nutritional deficiencies or imbalances are contributing to your pain.

If x-rays or an MRI is warranted, we will refer you out to a nearby imaging center.

Plan to spend 1 hour at our office during this visit.


Step 4:

During your second visit, the extended consultation, Dr. Payne will share what she has discovered about your health based on your consultation, exams, scans, x-rays (if they were taken) and/or metabolic assessment.  From there, she will provide your Customized Care Plan (with payment plan options), which is the route for regaining and keeping your health. 


During that time she will also share ways in which you can save money on your care.  We find that it’s much easier to bring your spouse/significant other with you so that they can hear your report concerning your health.  As well, it’s best when your spouse/significant other can ask questions if they so desire.  

Next, you will be introduced to and experience your first chiropractic adjustment. It's as simple as  that!

Plan to spend 30-45 minutes at our office during this visit.