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Mind-Fuel Academy

fueling your mind to better health
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Are you tired and frustrated with your health?

Have you ever had the little voice inside of you say, "I will never get well," or "I want to be healthy, but I don't know how?" Have you ever began a path to improving your health, but it just did not work because you lost your motivation? Maybe you started your journey but you weren't getting the results as fast as you wanted.


Have you ever said to yourself when attempting to live a healthier lifestyle:

  • I  want to start, but I know I am going to fail again.

  • I just can't afford this right now.

  • I just don't have the time to commit to implementing this in my life right now. I will start next month.

  • I want to be more active, but I just have too much going on in my life.


















The Mindfulness Wellness Movement for Patients,™ created by yours truly, is a movement geared towards people like you to armor your inner well-being for daily struggles that you may encounter on your healing journey. This movement's mission is to also equip you with the proper state-of-mind and knowledge about the way your body works.

The Mind-Fuel Academy™ for patients  is an online educational platform that will educate and guide you to better AND SUSTAINABLE health. Whether you are new to a healthy lifestyle or not, this program is for you. 

With the Mind-Fuel Academy, you will have everything you need to create a sustainable wellness routine that works for YOU. You’ll get access to expert advice, listen to guest interviews and community support – so you can finally achieve and maintain the health and happiness you deserve.
The first two sections, Module 1: Mind-Block and Module 2: Mind-Illusion, will help you to confront your most feared mental and physical battles encountered during your chiropractic related health struggles, and tackle them with ease. There is no doubt that this course will also enhance and compliment your chiropractic care.


Let me ask you something.

Here is my story

This Academy Is For...

Those that are serious about making a lasting impact on their health RIGHT NOW.

Those that are frustrated about the endless hampster wheel of trying to get healthy and stay healthy.

Those that are sick and tired of experiencing worry, doubt, frustration, and anxiety about their health.

Those that are tired of getting in their own way by living in their FEAR.

Those that want to experience successful healthy living without struggling.


"Who is the healthcare practitioner of your choice? I'll go first... my chiropractor and wellness doctor,

Athena Payne, D.C. 

She's on another level entirely.

I started seeing her for back pain right before the start of the pandemic last year, and every session has given me–and still gives me–hope. Trusting her with manual therapies was such an easy decision to make, even though choosing to actually see a chiropractor was not as easy (chiros scared me). After sustaining a bad ankle injury a couple of months ago, Dr. Payne has been providing treatments to help me get back to the activities I love. She knows exactly what to do. Her super safe, super gentle, super effective, and targeted interventions have put me at ease, and are promoting a quicker recovery. She really changed my mind, and has made me a believer. She's a kind person with good energy and it shows in the way she cares for her patients. She's out here doing big things at Rejuvenate Health and Wellness Centers to serve her community through holistic health, wellness, and compassion! I'm so proud to be her patient. Y'all go see her! You'll be thankful you did."- Anna Q.

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