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Invitation from Dr. Payne

Can I ask you a huge favor...

Can I ask you a huge favor and borrow your critic’s eye?


I am starting my Mind-Fuel Academy™  educational platform for patients, their families, and loved ones. I have designed this platform so that you can learn and help spread the word on how you and your loved ones can properly get healthy and stay healthy through the chiropractic lifestyle. This year, I have a mission, and that mission is entitled "Fort RHWC: Back to Chiropractic Basic Training." You can see the calendar here.





I would like for you to tune into my Facebook/You Tube/Instagram Live on Thursday, February 23rd at 12pm CST as I continue my in-depth discussion about the REAL health crisis affecting all of us. 


My next video topic is...



People are avoiding the doctor, and they have been for years! Do you know someone who constantly avoids going to the doctor? 

It's hard finally making that decision to go to the doctor, but it's absolutely necessary.

Here is what I need from you--

On Thursday, February 23rd, I've got the explanation and the answer for it! If this sounds like someone you know (or maybe it's you, ha) have them join me this Thursday at 12pm for an informative live discussion on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as I continue my mission: "Black Ops Health Crisis" for the month of February. You'll learn everything you need to know about finally making that appointment.


As you are watching  my live presentation, what would have to be explained during my presentation for you to want to schedule an appointment in my clinic? Who is the first person that comes to mind as you are listening to the presentation? Any feedback would be helpful! Also, please feel free to participate during this live, interactive presentation.


Let me know what you think and what you learned. You can text me at 817-731-4848, send me a message on my social media or talk to me in the clinic.


If you are like me, I must set a reminder, or I will forget. I will send you a reminder via email, text, or phone call (whichever is best for you)! Just let me know!


-Dr. Payne

P.S. Stay safe and warm in this Winter weather!

"What are the REAL reasons we avoid going to the doctor?"

Here is the first video I did last week for "Mission Black Ops Health Crisis." On here I talk about the REAL health crisis which actually happens to be right between our ears.

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