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Dez McKinney, LMT

Lidesyan "Dez" Mckiney is a navy veteran, a dedicated mother, and a fort worth Native. Dez's journey is one of unwavering resolve and dedication. In 2014, upon returning from military training, Dez faced a life-altering setback - she lost her full-time job. Left with the responsibility of supporting herself and her son, she decided to venture into entrepreneurship. She bravely invested everything she had saved into establishing her own business. Dez's military experience instilled in her a profound understanding - the power of mind over matter, and the limitless potential we possess when we commit to a purpose.


Twelve years later, her massage practice has continued to adapt and evolve. She is now a mother of two beautiful children ages 10 and 5. Dez has created a safe haven for her patients, ranging from infants to older adults, ensuring their comfort, well-being, and indeed, their serenity.


Dez is certified in a variety of specialized services, including Post Op Lymphatic Massage, CBD Massage, Corporate Wellness (Chair Massage), Prenatal, and pediatric/adolescent massage. Dez has mastered the art of therapeutic touch and offers personalized treatments tailored to all of her client's needs. Regardless of age or background, she believes that massage is not a luxury but should be included in everyone's health and wellness to combat the daily stress that we face in life.

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