Mind-Fuel Academy

fueling your mind to better health

Have you ever had the little voice inside of you say, "I will never get well," or "This is too hard, and I want to give up." 

Have you ever began a path to trying improve your health but it just didn't work out?

















But how do you get to the right mindset?

How do you become mindful of your body so that you make better decisions about your health?

How do you practice the proper mindset skills when you need to direct those negative thoughts?

Let's face it. You are human. Your motivation and willpower will waiver.

It is important for you to learn what to do with those self-limiting beliefs. 

Having the tools to keep the right mindset to stay motivated is the key to good health.

The Mindfulness Wellness Movement for Patients,™ created by Dr. Athena Payne, is a movement geared towards chiropractic patients like you to armor your inner well-being for daily struggles that you may encounter on your healing journey. This movement's mission is to also equip you with the proper mindset and knowledge about the way your body works as you go through RHC's holistic treatment program.​

The Mind-Fuel Academy™ for patients  is an online course that educates and guides the chiropractic patient through the 4-Level Paradigm of mindfulness wellness living. Whether you are a new chiropractic patient or a seasoned one, this program is for you. This course is a proven system that will take your current ideas on how to reboot and utilize the right mindset for achieving the health of your dreams. The course will then empower you to rebuild your winning mindset while you rejuvenate your health.


At the end of this course, you will be able to confront your most feared mental battles encountered during your health struggles, and tackle them with ease. You already have a warrior in you. We can not wait to see you unleash it!
Members will have life-time membership access to all course materials.

Expect to be released from the bondage of uncertainty, lack of confidence, fear of failure, fear of the past and worry of the future.

It's because you did not have the correct mindset. Maybe no one has taught you that having a mind-body approach to wellness is important.

Your mind is a muscle, and you have to train it everyday.

Your mind affects every part of your body.

Mindset affects your feelings, thoughts, and actions. 

"Who is the healthcare practitioner of your choice? I'll go first... my chiropractor and wellness doctor,

Athena Payne, D.C. 

She's on another level entirely.

I started seeing her for back pain right before the start of the pandemic last year, and every session has given me–and still gives me–hope. Trusting her with manual therapies was such an easy decision to make, even though choosing to actually see a chiropractor was not as easy (chiros scared me). After sustaining a bad ankle injury a couple of months ago, Dr. Payne has been providing treatments to help me get back to the activities I love. She knows exactly what to do. Her super safe, super gentle, super effective, and targeted interventions have put me at ease, and are promoting a quicker recovery. She really changed my mind, and has made me a believer. She's a kind person with good energy and it shows in the way she cares for her patients. She's out here doing big things at Rejuvenate Health and Wellness Centers to serve her community through holistic health, wellness, and compassion! I'm so proud to be her patient. Y'all go see her! You'll be thankful you did."- Anna Q.