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Remedy Scan


Natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathics as well as nutritional supplements, can provide the necessary components to help our bodies reach optimal health. Instead of guessing which remedies or supplements are going to be best for you, your hair and saliva are scanned against several remedies.  Although a particular remedy may balance well for one person, a completely different remedy may balance best for another person, even if the two people are experiencing similar issues.  The benefit of this scan is to keep costs down in between full scans and continue on a balancing regimen.

To order your hair and saliva health test kit, click “Sign Me Up” at the bottom of this page, and we will set aside a convenient collection kit for purchase. Your hair and saliva samples from your testing kit are then analyzed by technicians at the Balanced Health Lab Testing Facility, and a detailed report based on our findings is sent to RHWC within roughly 3 weeks of us receiving your samples.

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