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Clinic Update

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I am excited to share new changes that have and will be occurring in our clinic this year!


Since 2013, we have upgraded Salance Chiropractic Clinic to a higher level of infrastructure and efficiency. Rebranding the clinic to Rejuvenate Health and Wellness Centers has opened up so many improvements and upgrades in services. This shift towards whole-body wellness has allowed the integration of function-based and holistic services. Our focus is to get you living AND moving again! Our mission at RHWC is to:

  • Guide you on how to be more mindful of your body so that you will have more control of your health

  • Educate you on how YOUR body functions

  • Empower you on your path to wellness by taking a step-by-step mechanistic approach to improving the functioning of your body

  • Approach your health through our 4 Pillars of Health—Functional Therapy, Stress Resiliency, Nutritional Healing, and Mind-Body Wellness.


Some of the improvements and upgrades in services that we have implemented are:

  • Spinal thermal scanning to evaluate and monitor spinal misalignments

  • Spinal EMG (muscle) scanning to evaluate and monitor spinal muscle activity

  • Digital Movement Analysis for postural correction and injury prevention

  • Postural Correction Rehab (May 2023--to be included with your adjustment)

  • Digital Interactive Rehab that turns exercise into a visual interactive therapy to improve balance, coordination, and strength

  • Summus Medical P4 Cold-Laser Therapy—targets injured tissue to accelerate healing

  • Dolphin Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS)—scar tissue release and needleless acupoint stimulation

  • Instrument adjusting with Autosense Technology

  • Implementation of the ChiroMove360 Corrective Exercise Program

  • Implementation of our Functional Nutrition Program

  • Full Body Stretching

  • Implementation of the Mind-Fuel Academy for chiropractic patient on-line education

  • The Doctor's Desk Podcast

In over 2 years, we have not had an increase in prices. With these exciting improvements and implementation of additional services as well as an increase in operational costs, there has been a slight change in some of our service rates effective March 1, 2023. Alternatively, we will have a decrease in price with our Dolphin MPS therapy and ChiroMove360 Corrective Exercise Program (see picture below). Our nutritional prices will remain the same.

Here are some additional points to consider regarding the price change:

As a reminder, our prices currently remain below average in the area and many chiropractic clinics charge per area adjusted (spine, extremities) and per service i.e. Graston and ultrasound. Many also do the same adjustment on every visit.  I will continue to only charge one fee to adjust spine, extremities, and cranial work and spend about 15 minutes per patient rather than 5 minutes as many other clinics do. I will continue to focus your treatment according to what you need during your visit. 


While a cost increase is not the announcement that I want to make, I want to assure you that I am committed to maintaining the highest level of care possible. Rest assured, you will continue to receive the most value for your loyalty and support of our clinic. Also, if you would like to have any of our digital scans mentioned above such as our movement scan that looks for muscle imbalances you can do so at no cost.  Just let me know, and we will schedule re-evaluation scans on your next visit.

Thank you again for your business and support. I look forward to continuing to provide thorough, extraordinary chiropractic care. Stay tuned for RHWC's Patient Appreciation Week! I have some exciting things in store for you!

Here is a summary of the price changes:



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