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Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program

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Blood Testing

Gut Health Screening

Hair and Saliva Testing

Supplementation Guidance

Dietary Guidance

Stress Recovery

We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Our goal is to help identify the cause and severity of your inflammation thereby reducing your chronic pain and spinal subluxations.

Referrals to specialists as needed.

Am I A Candidate for this program?

This program is for you if:

  1. You want personalized nutrition expertise and guidance,

  2. You want accountability with living a healthy lifestyle,

  3. You want assistance with anti-inflammatory meal planning,

  4. You want nutritional health monitoring,

  5. You want anti-inflammatory lifestyle education,

  6. You want weight loss, and/or

  7. You want to take a deeper look/screen for your overall inflammation.

How Do i apply for this program?

  1. Complete the nutrition intake paperwork that will be emailed to you through your patient portal. It must be submitted to Dr. Payne at least 48 hours before your initial nutrition consultation (45 minutes long). Please complete the paperwork in its entirety. Call our office to get the paperwork sent to you.

  2. If you have completed blood work within the last 6 months, please let us know so that we may request it from your medical primary care physician or medical specialist.

If I am already a chiropractic patient, why do I need to have another consultation?

  1. The nutrition consultation ($65) will consist of a medical history review, review of your systems, spinal scan (to detect spinal subluxations affecting your body function), and a wellness score report. The consultation will take a deep dive into your lifestyle (stress, sleep, exercise/movement) and nutritional habits.

  2. The consultation will include a discussion of your nutritional goals, your health concerns, evaluation of your sleep habits, activity level, stress triggers, your relationship with food. You will then choose the best nutrition coaching plan that fits your lifestyle. All nutrition coaching plans are month-to-month.

Will I need to do blood work if I have recently completed labs with my medical doctor?

  1. There are levels to blood chemistry analysis in functional nutrition. In most cases, general medical practioners order the first or second level of lab work analysis. Dr. Payne will be sure to review your most recent lab work to see how your body is functioning within optimal functional lab ranges (not just normal ranges).

  2. Any new lab work (blood, hair, or saliva) will be an additional cost and is only included in certain nutrition membership plans. Payment plans are available for blood work and hair/saliva testing. We can provide a billing statement for your insurance.

How much does this program cost?

There are 3 nutrition coaching membership plans available for you to choose from.​

Each plan is designed to meet the client where they are in their lives.

These membership plans are month-to-month, and are based on the following:

1. Tier 1 ($45/month): For busy individuals that need to start making better nutrition decisions and want to make small changes in their nutritional health.

2. Tier 2 ($75/month): For those that want to be educated and held accountable but may not be ready to fully commit.

3. Tier 3 ($90/month: For those that have specific goals, have the financial means, and is committed to living the anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

To learn more about what is included in each plan, click here.

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